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The Smarter Way to Sell Your Car

Ready for a more rewarding way to sell your car? Auction Off Your Car has transformed the process, putting you in the driver's seat to maximize value without the usual hassles. Here's why we're the top choice

Expertise That Pays Off

Our extensive experience in the used car market and auction houses guarantees you a superior selling experience. We know what cars are in demand and how to reach the highest value for them.

Maximize Your Earnings

Our exceptional results speak for themselves. Auction Off Your Car consistently outperforms car buying sites, ensuring better prices for your vehicle. We blend our expertise with an advanced auction platform connecting you with eager buyers who drive up the final selling price.

Efficiency and Convenience

Say goodbye to outdated methods. Unlike car buying sites that often send your car directly to auction, our process is more efficient, cost-effective, and rewarding. With us, your car is in safe hands, and there are no comebacks or hidden fees

Data-Driven Valuations

We use cutting-edge data to determine the price of your car. Our valuation process leverages live auction data, including CAP, and other industry metrics, to provide accurate valuations. Our approach considers three price tiers based on factors such as condition, desirability, age, mileage, service history, and the number of owners. Our knowledge of previously sold cars, combined with our years of auction experience, helps us identify what's in high demand to get the best price for your vehicle

Marketing for Maximum Exposure

We go the extra mile to ensure your car gets maximum exposure. Your car will be marketed on our social media sites, creating additional bidder interest. It will also be prominently featured in the auction house's sales catalogue. Our goal is to attract as many eyes as possible to your car, increasing bids and driving up the final selling price. With our extensive dealer network connections, we can also easily share your car with dealers who specialize in certain makes and models across the UK who may be interested in your car.

Transparent Fees

At Auction Off Your Car, our fees are straightforward. We take a percentage of the final sale price, which is an umbrella fee covering all our services. This includes free transportation, handling paperwork, minor vehicle prep (like ensuring the battery is charged and the car is clean and presentable), and managing the payment process. Your interests are our interests; we're here to guide you toward the best outcome. We both share the goal of getting your car to achieve the highest possible price.

Swift Payments

We understand the importance of getting paid promptly. We process payments on receipt of funds within 24 hours. Typically, after receiving a successful bid, your payment takes just 5-7 days from the auction sale end date. We're here to help you achieve a better return compared to quick-cash car buying sites. Remember, good things come to those who wait, and your car's value is no exception.

Free Collection and Local Drop-Off

It's as simple as it gets. We offer a complimentary collection service from your home or workplace. For local customers, there's also the option to drop off your vehicle at our secure location, ready for transport to the auction house.

Simple Valuations Over the Phone

We've simplified the process. Valuing your vehicle is quick and easy over the phone, via email, or through our website, saving you time.

What to Bring

To keep it hassle-free, have these items ready:

  • The V5 logbook/registration certificate in your name at your current address 
  • Both sets of keys (if available) 
  • All available service history and MOT certificates 
  • Photographic ID showing your current address

Terms and Conditions Over Email

Our fully legal terms and conditions are completed over email, making it a hassle-free process. We use secure platforms like DocuSign and Panda Docs for your convenience. This ensures both parties are on the same page, adding a layer of confidence to the sale. A fully signed paper receipt will also be provided upon the collection of your vehicle, with copies provided to both parties.

Quick and Transparent

We value your time. The evaluation takes around 5 minutes over the phone, and if you're happy with our valuation, it's just another few minutes to complete the terms and conditions.

Clear Your Finances

Outstanding finance should be resolved before we collect your car. We recommend ensuring that all finance matters are cleared before we proceed

A Name You Can Trust

Our track record has earned the trust of countless buyers. Auction Off Your Car is a name and brand you can rely on with confidence.

Select Auction Off Your Car

Choose Auction Off Your Car, the exhilarating way to sell your car. Your car's potential is just a phone call away. When you opt for us, you're choosing a straightforward and transparent process, backed by trust and experience.

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